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Originating from Tampa, Florida, and nurtured amidst the vibrant culture of New Jersey, LEADR emerges as a pioneering force within the Los Angeles music landscape. As a non-binary artist who embodies the roles of singer, songwriter, producer, and activist, LEADR transcends conventional musical boundaries through their innovative anti-genre style. With roots deeply embedded in the traditions of Vietnamese heritage, LEADR intricately integrates the essence of their personal narrative into each performance, captivating audiences with their profound vocal talent and striking stage presence.

In 2018, LEADR's captivating single "Waves" was celebrated by Atwood Magazine as "a pulsing, blissful rush of emotional ambiance," garnering international recognition. This acclaim led to the track being featured in Starbucks locations worldwide, marking a significant milestone in LEADR's career.

LEADR's ascent in the music industry continued to skyrocket, earning high praise from prestigious outlets such as BILLBOARD, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, among others. Their music, particularly the standout single "11:11," has been spotlighted on SPOTIFY’s curated playlists, including Out Now & AAPI Pride, Fresh Finds: Indie, and Sagittarius Cosmic, showcasing their wide-ranging appeal.

2020 brought an unforgettable moment when LEADR's rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine," alongside fellow artists, captured the attention of Yoko Ono and the official Beatles social media accounts, featuring in their Twitter showcases. The following year, Kacey Musgraves highlighted LEADR's cover of "Slow Burn" on her Instagram, further cementing their status in the music world.

Beyond their musical achievements, LEADR is deeply committed to advocating for mental health awareness within the LGBTQ+ & AAPI communities and pushing for greater Asian representation in media. Their electrifying performances, including a headline show at the 2023 Phoenix Pride Festival and memorable shows at iconic Los Angeles venues, speak volumes of their impact. In 2023, LEADR also made a significant contribution to fighting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation by participating in the "Drag Is Not Dangerous" telethon, raising over half a million dollars alongside celebrated figures.

Following the success of their debut EP "My Way," LEADR revisited their hit "Gaia" to produce the remix "Shoulda Known Better (Gaia)" in collaboration with non-binary Canadian rapper Dijah SB and ally Wundr. This track quickly landed on Spotify's New Music Friday Canada playlist, showcasing their innovative sound.

In 2023, LEADR embarked on an exhilarating musical voyage, unveiling alternative-pop sensations "Aeiou Nothin," "Sorry," and "Unfriend." These tracks swiftly captured hearts, securing a spot on Spotify’s API Pride editorial playlist, a testament to their resonating impact. Elevating their journey, LEADR released the much-anticipated EP "Trust Me I'm Still Here" on February 2nd, 2024, receiving a chorus of praise from fans and critics alike, further cementing their status as pivotal figures in the music scene. Their recent induction into the Recording Academy highlights their dedicated efforts to empower LGBTQ+ and Asian communities, proving that music can indeed be a transformative force, one note at a time.






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"20 New Artists to Fall in Love With"

"The confident artist who records and releases electronic and pop beats as LEADR is making good on that."

"LEADR blends his own ethereal vocals with samples, electronic beats and live instrumentation to create something that feels familiar, yet altogether unique."
-Atwood Magazine




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